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Hear the Darkness calling...

Lost in shadows...

Eternal Warrior
2 August
All potential girlfriends apply at the provided address with sexual preferences and measurents.

Must enjoy being nude 24/7 or close to.


The pain in his eyes tore through her soul like a blade yet he bore nothing but a sickening grin as the crimson tears ran down his cheeks and passed through his lips.

"Wh...Why Blake...Why?" She asked, her heart beating with the emptiness she now felt.

"This is the way...the way it was meant to be...It is the only way" He replied with a smile as he began to float towards her.

She hesitated, slightly backing away, struggling to stop the tears as her body shook against her will. She had never felt true fear, not caused by him at least. What had she done...

'No...Damn't...I should'nt have played with his emotions' she thought as his arms spread wide, encompassing her.

He hugged her, sealing her tight to his chest, she could feel his weakened heart beating like a thousand drunks, his chest was pounding. She felt relief, relief in his arms, maybe he wasn't lost.

"This is the only way to protect you...my love" He whispered as he rested his head upon hers as she lay on his chest.

She looked up at him, a slight smile, she felt he was still the man she cared for but suddenly, her expression changed to one of agony as Blake pulled away from her, removing his knee from her stomach.

"Bl..B" She struggled to call out to him but her breath was stolen from her.

"To protect you, you cannot follow me" He replied "I love you"

With his parting words, he began to rise slowly into the air, his pupils fixed on hers, he felt nothing for the agony he had caused her. All that mattered now was his revenge. His body began to spark with bolts of electricity tinted blood red.

"Father...your soul is...MINE!"

There was a bright flash and in the blink of an eye, Blake was far over the horizon disappearing from her life once again to face his destiny. Alone.


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